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Safety Precautions During Covid-19


*Covid-19 Safety


The health of our family pets is important, even as we navigate a global pandemic. Our mobile veterinary clinic can care for your pets with everyone's safety in mind.

When we arrive at your home, we will have a clean treatment area and will be wearing masks. We will not need to enter your home space. We can discuss your concerns and priorities for care of your pet at a safe distance, either at your doorstep or over the phone. Your pet's exam and requested treatments will be performed within the mobile clinic.

We are also able to utilize telehealth consults to help treat your animals. These telemedicine consults are pursued via phone or video chat technology. Collecting photos and videos of your pet and main concerns prior to the telehealth visit is the easiest way to observe your pet from a distance. While not all problems can be addressed through telemedicine, we can often come up with the most appropriate plan of care through this in depth discussion. 

Of course, there are circumstances where we will need to adjust our protocols and we are open to these discussions. Please ask us if you have any specific concerns or requests.

We also need to be alerted if there are signs of illness, risks of Covid-19 exposure in the household or recent travel. We will adjust our plans for a visit to keep everyone safe.

Thank you for understanding these precautions and making efforts to protect each other.